5 Key Steps to teach your kids a foreign language by POMO Toast
5 Key Steps to teach your kids a foreign language by POMO Toast

1.Get started early

Expose the foreign language to your children as soon as possible. When they are still at a young age, kids have the ability to register the sounds of any languages very quickly. So the best way of learning languages for children is to introduce them very early on.

2. Speak the language daily as a routine

The more you can incorporate the new language in kids’ daily life, the faster kids can learn it. For example, during dinner time, you could try to speak a few foreign words with your little ones and let them repeat them after you. Make it a daily routine so the kids can practice every day.

3. Let technology helps

This is the era of technology so why not use these useful learning tools for kids at your advantage? Investing in kids gadgets such as a tablet or a kid smartwatch that comes with translation features has proven to be a very good solution. That way, it’s like having a private language teacher that can be with them anytime, anywhere.

4. Language fun activities

Create an activity that involves language learning on the weekend or holidays. It can be singing a foreign song together, reading a story or watching a movie. This can help to create a fun and friendly learning environment for your kids.

5. Seek outside supports  

In a situation where the parents are not bilingual, introducing the foreign language won’t be that easy. The parents may consider a bilingual school for their kids, which is the best natural way for them to learn. Last but not least, you could get a native speaker teacher to spend time with your kid in private classes. It is still one of the best learning methods out there, but a bit more costly.

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