POMO together with Flow Corporation Limited and related agencies including the Provincial Public Health Office (Provincial Health Organization), the Maritime National Interests Benefit Center as well as the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) brainstorm out the list of precautionary measures towards management and screening of COVID-19 outbreaks from tourists entering Thailand via boat channels. By recognizing the importance of tourism with the aim to increase revenue for the country, we have jointly developed the Yacht Quarantine Program for tourists entering Thailand at Ao Por Pier.

Pomo with its cutting-edge innovation has developed a conceptual designed website with supporting software suitable for both desktop and mobile formats. People can tremendously benefit from the genius tracking device for GPS Location Tracking on the POMO loT Wristband, as well as Health Values Tracking which includes determining figures for health factors such as Body Temperature, Heart Rate, while at the same time monitoring Exercise Activities (Steps) too. POMO IoT Wristband also sends out SOS signals should critical situations arise while passengers reside on board during their stay. This efficient monitoring system is supported through (via usage of) efficient hardware applications. Systematic compilation of datas from POMO IoT Wristband wearers while being quarantined on board would be displayed on the website (Dashboard) for easy management in monitoring.

The effective quarantine program system is achieved through the harmonized effort with Flow Corporation Limited in its management of Ao Por Pier in providing sufficient port facilities to accommodate incoming tourists’ ships for anchorage throughout the 14 days quarantine period. While being quarantined on the Yacht, medical teams will be available on hand to provide necessary health check-ups together with COVID-19 test screening at appropriate intervals from Day 1, 7 and 14 respectively throughout the Quarantine period. With the POMO IoT wristband device provided to all travelers while staying on board, people involved would be able to monitor and administer travelers’ activities while preventing them from leaving the area at the same time. POMO IoT wristband also supports the medical team in monitoring symptoms of the tourists by displaying collected datas at any given time via the dashboard website. The system employed by POMO IoT Wristband device is the same as that used on Cayman Island for Hotel bubble project in England.

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