Crowdfund this: Wearable Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to keep an eye on
Crowdfund this: Wearable Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to keep an eye on
This Smartwatch Will Let You Track Your Kids

Helicopter parents will soon have yet another way of keeping tabs on their children. The POMO Waffle smartwatch, which is now seeking backing on Kickstarter, will let parents keep track of their kids’ whereabouts using GPS. Currently being sold in Asia, early-bird backers on Kickstarter can snap one up for $99; the devices are expected to ship in March.

In addition to locating their kids, using geofencing, parents can receive an alert when kids travel beyond virtual boundaries (which can be set by adults). The Waffle can take and receive calls via VOIP, and if a kid gets lost, the Waffle can show its wearer directions for how to get home.

The Waffle looks to be a step up from traditional child-tracking GPS devices, in that it’s not just focused on features for parents who want to track their child but also features that encourage a kid to wear the device in the first place.

The POMO Waffle lets kids communicate with each other with a “BFF” feature that works like speed dial for up to five friends. The band itself is made with somewhat cheap-looking silicone, but it’s water resistant, scratch proof and even food grade. The Waffle comes in black, white, light blue and pink, along with small bands in other colors that can go around the watch straps for a more personalized look.

The Waffle comes with a few cutesy watch faces, but POMO expects to work with third-party app developers to add more faces and cooler capabilities to the device.

The Waffle’s maker, POMO House, is raising funds via Kickstarter for additional manufacturing.

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