Rising Asian start-up, “Pomo House” leads IoT products for Baby&Kids
Rising Asian start-up, “Pomo House” leads IoT products for Baby&Kids
Rising Asian start-up, “Pomo House” leads IoT products for Baby&Kids

POMO HOUSE founder and the Distributor Pomo Kids Watch the ultimate intelligent watch  that can help you keep track of the behavior of the children. To launch the new model  for children. The latest version comes with new functions to improve performance and accuracy of the technology in the following ,call a close friend, turn off the phone time to study, easy to install just enter your micro SIM card and connect to your smart phone through the Parental Controls application “POMO moji” include other functions that meet the safety of the child and create a good relationship between the children with friends and family.Ms. Supreeya Kanikananta, Chief Executive Officer of POMOHOUSE Co.,Ltd. revealed that “after our company has officially launched on May 2015. The product is  success  for target because we are  pioneer of the market  in Thailand as well as to support the needs of parents. The current case of children have lost  which we feel proud to come  to help the family and the Thai society at this point.

After product launch to market. We have more storage to  development of our products to meet the needs of the target groups to be more so we have developed the second which is the name“Moji” for the new model has additional development up from the first models in several items. Such as the talk with close friend with program  “the best friend forever”, location with the 3 Best Technology is the triple mode tracking (Wi-fi and GPS) to adjust to the clock mode to the classroom, Performance Guides,  the capacity of the battery, 600MAH standby mode to up to two days, and including the journey history that can view history data

From the our details, Pomo Moji. This is another great innovation of Thai people who develop to the maximum of the technology at the present and solve the problem to the parents in the things that are concerned.

For this year POMO HOUSE ready to step up to be a leader in the market the watch prevent missing children.  We have the confidence in the title of the team that developed the Software Warranty after the sale and that the center after-sales service that the customer can also take the appliance to a service. For the marketing Pomo Kids Watch model “Moji”. We put the marketing budget  for marketing activity is about 5 millions baht in the investment that will be the production of the activities to promote sales and marketing, public relations on both online and offline. We are confident that it will be able to grow up to more than 3 times from the previous year.

And now we expand the market to the AEC and Europe. Whether  is the Russian, Finland, Netherlands, Indonesia ,Malaysia and Singapore. Especially at Singapore we have registered a new company that was in the name “Pomo International” with the Singapore partner in order to help the market to  the AEC quickly. And in the future we will open the market in Japan, Australia and North America, overall, expects that it will make the market value to the company is not less than 200 million baht.

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