Incident sows seed of idea for child-tracking watch
Incident sows seed of idea for child-tracking watch

CHATCHAI Tangchittrong’s Pomo House business was inspired by an idea that his wife, Supreeya, had during a family trip to Disneyland amusement park in Hong Kong, where there was a period of about 15 minutes when they had lost their kids.

“We were immensely concerned, now recollecting, it appeared as if they were missing for fifteen days” said Chatchai. “We in this matter chose hopefully we will do or have something that enabled us to where our children were consistently.”

This was the seed of an inspirational thought that has since prompted the improvement of a SIM card-based youngster following watch, which gives parents the ability to constantly check their child’s location and the peace of mind in knowing where they are at all times.

“Inventing an item to help a family’s affection and keeping kids from disappearing has been joined and passed on through the improvement of what has turned into an avoidance for children going missing, to associate relatives anyplace and enable kids to investigate the world in security,” he clarified.

“Utilizing SIM card technology, similar to that used as a part of mobile phones, we can utilize the wristwatch to distinguish a telephone number and access our children,” he said.

The first edition of Pomo’s child following watch was released onto the market in May a year ago, with 5,000 units in the underlying shipment.

“Bt60 million were made in sales inside the initial seven months of the dispatch, amid which around 20,000 units were sold,” he included.

The organization at that point began hoping to grow its Pomo House business abroad toward the finish of a year ago, he said.

“A branch office was opened in Singapore, Pomo House International, to be our centre point for reaching abroad markets,” he said.

The organization now trades its smart watches to a load of markets all over the world such as Argentina, the US, Mexico, Russia, the Netherlands and Malaysia, through the arrangement of local sole wholesalers.

It intends to venture into Indonesia and additionally more generally in Latin America going forward.

Another model for the elderly one year from now will be released by the organisation.

Graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University in 1998, he then studied English language at Kaplan International in Chicago for roughly a year, prior proceeding with a master’s degree in interactive communication at New York University (NYU), completing the course in 2002.

“I loved and was truly joyful writing computer programmes for the time being at NYU, particularly in three dimensions on Audocad. I had previously increased inventive vision and studied structural engineering from my studies in architecture,” he said.

Before finishing his examinations, Chatchai filled in as an understudy as a glimmer software engineer at Ruder Finn Interactive, a unit of US-based Ruder Finn, an advertising organization.

Chatchai also studied a course in business at NYU’s Stern School of Business amid his master’s studies, where he developed an interest in marketing.

“Whatever you do in the business world, it can’t be done well if you are at loss of knowledge in business,” he underlined.

Before finishing his studies, Chatchai filled in as an intern at a flash programmer at Ruder Finn Interactive, a unit of US-based Ruder Finn, an advertising company.

He worked there for a year and a half, before being requested that by his mother to come back to Thailand following the attacks taken place at 9/11 in 2001.

Chatchai began working for Drum Beat while back in Thailand, an interactive agency established in the US as a flash programmer as he had been before, for around half a year on this occasion before moving to the mobile internet arm of DTAC (Total Access Communication) responsible for new business advancement as a project manager.

He spent a year and a half working at DTAC, he had then moved to a telecom solution provider placed at South Korea, a company named Uangel where he concentrated on business improvement and taking care of ths company’s business in Thailand and Malaysia for 2 years before moving on in 2006.

“By working with differentiated business firms, my understanding was advanced particularly in managing people. When I communicate with them, I can accordingly understand their thoughts in seeing what they are considering and devoted to.

“This advantages me in adjusting my working style to adapt with individuals I am working with,” he clarified.

Launching a business is sort of prospect for him, he stated, going back in time to almost ten years ago prior to when his partner Supreeya, who graduated in advertising from North Western University in the US, began her own digital agency. “In 2007, I left all types of expert jobs to support my wife in running her own business, to enable her to have the capacity to invest more time with the children,” he said. Chatchai spun off a business to set up Pomo House in 2014 joint with gympalmdesert.com companions, who are actively talented in software development, distribution experts – and in addition being younger parent celebrities.

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