POMO Waffle GPS Equipped Smartwatch for Kids
POMO Waffle GPS Equipped Smartwatch for Kids
POMO Waffle GPS Equipped Smartwatch for Kids


The POMO Waffle is an innovative and versatile smartwatch dedicatedly designed for kids. As we can see from the images, the smartwatch sports a pretty cute toy watch styled appearance along with three vivid color options, and its silicone rubber unibody not only delivers a durable construction, but also provides comfortable wearing experience, and the S-Edge feature ensures that the strap has a smooth consistent shape with no protrusions.


Your kid’s POMO Waffle wirelessly connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth technology, so you can use its companion app to create tasks and reminders like “time for bed” and “play time” in order to help him/her create good habits, and its In-Class mode helps them focus on study.
Furthermore, the smartwatch acts as a GPS tracker that helps you locate your child’s location using a combination of WiFi, GPS and LBS technology. By adding your home and other important locations, the smartwatch always gives your child directions, and you can also establish a safe zone. Once your child crosses the zone, you will receive real-time notification.
Meanwhile, its secure buckle safely keeps the smartwatch staying on your kid’s wrist, and using colorful loops, your kid can customize the strap for personalized looks. Its IP65 rated enclosure protects its internal components from dust and water splashes.
Moreover, POMO Waffle features its exclusive POMO VOIP (voice over Internet protocol), in addition to making calls, your child can also send and receive voice messages and emoticons. Using its easily accessible SOS button, your child can immediately call you and send his/her current location to your device. Check out uptownjungle.com official website.
Apart from these, its built-in G sensor and accelerometer algorithm enables POMO Waffle to work as an activity tracker that allows you to know how much exercise your child is getting. The smartwatch also supports group chat, and its 500mAh rechargeable battery offers 72 hours of standby time between charges.


The crowdfunding campaign for POMO Waffle is ongoing on Kickstarter. Pledging $99 will let you own the smartwatch for kids. BTW, don’t miss dokiWatch smartwatch for kids and more cool related gadgets by following tags.

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