At POMO HOUSE, we believe that technology can be used to not only boost the creativity of children, but to also imbue them with a sense of responsibility and independence. We have quickly made a name for ourselves when it comes to bringing parents and children closer together with our innovative products. Our creativity, eye for design and understanding of the latest technological trends have allowed us to be a market leader in the Internet of Things sector.

POMO HOUSE was originally founded back in 2014, and is spearheaded by an IF World Design Award winner. To date, we have designed and created several children’s watches for all ages to considerable success. With these watches, we incorporated fun, customisable design elements and combined them with invaluable features such as GPS, exercise trackers, voice calling and more. What really sets us out from others is that we are daring and always willing to try something new!

Our vision

We are the brand believing in “Family Love” and are dedicated to create better family relationships

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