If the watch has already inserted a sim, there will be a signal sign at the left top corner of the screen. Otherwise, there will be a small message saying “NO SIM” instead. Please remember to restart the watch every time after you insert a sim.
If the watch has already connected to the internet, there will be a data signal icon or a wifi icon at the left top corner of the screen next to the signal sign.
You can test the sim with a smart phone. If it can work properly, you may have to check the sim’s band such as 900, 1800 or 2100 depends on the frequency of sim signal and sim receiver. For the wifi connection, you can use other devices to test the internet connection instead.
First, check that the watch has connected to the internet. If it has connected already, please let it update to your time zone for 5-10 mins. Or else, you can update the time zone from the parent app by going to Settings > Watch Settings > Time Zone
You can turn on the watch by pressing and holding the power button for 2-3 seconds until it launches the screen.
There are two ways to turn off the watch: -First is by pressing and holding down the power button, to then choose to either keeping holding until it turns off, or to hold it for 2 seconds and then press the “Ok” button to turn it off. -Second is by doing it in Settings > Power Off, then tapping a “Correct” sign on the screen.

There are two ways to lock the screen. One is pressing the power button one time. Another one is waiting the screen to lock automatically.

By pressing the power button one time then tap the lock icon that will be shown on the screen to unlock.
By tapping and holding on the screen for 2 seconds. Then swipe left or right to choose another theme. Or you can change it in the “My Watch” menu from the Settings feature.

To send SOS, he/she can press and hold the SOS button for 3-5 seconds. After that, parent app will receive the SOS notification.

Please make sure that your kid’s watch has connected to the internet before you and your kid run away from each other. By the way, you can check the latest location of your kid by using “Location” feature from your app.

By swiping right, all contacts will be shown as list and you can make a call to everyone in the list.

First of all, please check that you have updated your phone number to your profile or your watch number to your watch profile. If you have already added it, please check your sim signal that still properly work well.

You can swipe left and access the “BFF” feature, then wait until you find other watches and you can add all of them. However, the watches that will be found should be around you.
This case can be separated into three big ways. First, make sure that your watch and others have connected to the internet and they always update the location. Second, please check that their bluetooth has been turned on already. Last, the watch cannot find others that have already been friend.

You can swipe left and access “Message” feature and choose contact from the list or “Group Chat” feature and chat with family.

Yes. But they can chat only message and both of them must already be friend.

No. One watch must have only one group chat and the members must be family only.

The Watch can send only voice messages and stickers.

Please check your internet connection. If it works, then restart your watch and do send the message again.

The watch can choose where to go from “Take Me Home” feature. This feature will navigate and suggest the way to go to the destination.

No, you cannot. Because the watch will find the way and show it in the map, then navigate your kids to the destination in real time.

When your kids wear the watch and swing their arms, it will count the number of swings.

The watch has a sensor for when it’s moved up and moved down. This sensor will count the number of actions.

Yes. When the “Mosquito” feature is turned on, the watch will emit a sound with high frequency. It’s set to 18 kHz, which can deter mosquitoes. This frequency is safe for kids because young people can’t hear a frequency over 17.4 kHz.

You can enter imei of the watch instead of scanning qr code. The imei can be found in Settings > Pair Watch > swipe left to the third page and imei will be shown on the screen.

No. You have to swipe left to the second page and press “Get Code” button, then the code will be shown on the screen.

Yes. It will expire 5 minutes after being shown on the screen.

You have to check the internet connection first. If the cause is not from the internet, please restart the watch and try pairing again.

You can find it in Settings > Pair Watch.

You can do it in Settings > Brightness.
You can change the level in Settings > Volume
You can turn on or off bluetooth in Settings > Bluetooth.
You can turn on or off network data in Settings > Network Data.
You can turn on or off wifi in Settings > Wifi.

You can restart it in Settings > Restart, then tap a “Correct” sign on the screen.

You can update software in Settings > Update, then choose the software update on the screen and tap “Ok” button.

You can reset it in Settings > Factory Reset, then tap a “Reset” button on the screen.

No. You can only update the software when you’re connected to the internet.

When you swipe right, it will bring up the previous menu. If you are in another feature, you can press the “Power” button to go back to the main page of that feature or just swipe right as normal.

Touch bottom-left > Top-right > bottom-left > Top-right on the Waffle Screen. There will be APN Setting menu pop up on watch screen.

The POMO Waffle utilizes several functions that consume battery all day long. Although we’ve included a powerful battery, following these steps are vital to keep the watch powered for longer.

1.It is highly recommended to charge the watch with a USB 2.0 port, which are found on computers and laptops. Newer USB 3.0 ports often have a bit of blue around or within the jack itself, or may have an indication that it is a 3.0 port. These USB 3.0 ports are not recommended for charging your Waffle. Charging through a wall outlet is especially not recommended, as the power output is too strong.

2.Turn off WiFi when the device is not being used. This can drain the battery extremely fast.

3.Through the POMO Waffle app, change the watch settings so location updates occur less frequently when there is no need for it. From the homepage of the POMO Waffle App, go to Settings ? Watch Settings ? Position Timing.

4.Lower the screen brightness through the Settings on the watch.

5.Ensure the watch is not on the Message or Group Chat screen for too long, as these functions drain lots of power.

6.Note that making phone calls or app calls for a long duration will also drain battery quick.

7.Avoid overcharging the device, especially overnight. This can cause long-term, permanent damage to the battery.

8.Ensure your device is updated to the latest firmware. You can do this by going to the Settings on the watch, scrolling down to “Firmware,” and checking if there is an update. For a faster update, make sure the device is connected to WiFi.


  • Wear outside toddler’s clothes for Sleep Quality and Sleep Temperature Alert Functions
  • Wear inside toddler’s clothes for Movement Tracking and Kids Loss prevention (Find Me) Functions

POMO Bebe takes 2 hrs for a full charging cycle and can standby up to 30 days.

You can pair POMO Bebe with one parent smart phone or tablet.

POMO Bebe is safe for babies as it’s made with toxic free materials and meets FC manufacturing standards.

You can use a cloth with warm water or a little alcohol to clean POMO Bebe to clean the infrared sensor.


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