5 Smart Functions You Must Try with POMO Waffle
5 Smart Functions You Must Try with POMO Waffle

POMO waffle is full of smart and fun features. Here are 5 smart functions we would love to recommend you to try out as they are so beneficial to kids and parents. Let’s see what are those functions!!


One of the most important skills that kids should learn are language-related. The translation feature will help children to easily learn foreign languages. This feature contains 8 languages that are popularly used all over the world, including Thai, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Taiwanese and Hindi. 

Safe Zone

This function is actually very helpful for parents as you can set up the area where your kids will be located in a specific time and date. You only need to set up the Safe Zone on the application, designate the place that your kids usually visit like a park or playground.  You can also set up the specific time and date that they will be there so you can sit back and relax, as you will be notified immediately if they leave the area.


Organization and responsibility are necessary skills that kids should learn. By having the scheduler the kids or parents can set up the time to wake up, eat breakfast, feed pets or do their homework.


The sensor on the watch will detect the arms momentum when kids are walking or running. With this function, parents could set up a goal for the kids for promoting them to exercise.  

Music Player

New features of POMO Waffle for all music lovers. Kids can listen to their favorite tracks or parents can share something with them to listen to.



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