Smart Fever


Smart Fever

Your baby's god fairy

"The newest innovation for parents to look after their baby's well-being. It comes with
impressive functions including temperature scan mode, movement tracking, sleep quality,
find me and more functions for your baby's healthiness. POMO Bebe works 24 hours
to help parents observe their baby's development with care. It is extremely easy to
use and truly support parents' convenience."

Body Temperature

Feel rest assured that your baby is well

We know how worrying it could be when your lovely baby has a fever. We therefore enable parents to easily scanning baby's temperature.Extra care is comprehensively ensured with the ability to keep track of the temperature data via POME Bebe application.
Milk Temperature

Prepare perfect meal for your baby

Your baby would feel as if being fed with breast milk. Parents can always prepare milk with a suitable temperature. Overall caring process of the baby's food on a daily basic scan also easily be done as parents can use it for checking food temperature, bath water temperature or any other liquid temperature.
Sleep Temperature Alert

Give your baby a truly comfortable sleep

No matter how tired you are, you could have a profound sleep without worry as your baby will be taken good care of. Measuring baby's temperature while they're sleeping. The parents will always know if the blanket slips off or the temperature happens to rapidly decrease to lower than 26 Celsius.
Room Temperature

Create an ideal sleeping environment

Not only for milk or bath water but we also create it for cocooning your baby in a safe and sound environment. As the temperature of the surrounding environment could affect the well-being of the baby, we ensure you know the appropriate temperature of the environment such as room temperature or car temperature
Movement Tracking

Encourage your baby's development

Understanding your baby's activity can lead to optimization of baby's motor skill. You can be fully aware of your baby's health data for 10 days and able to monitor the developmental progress of your baby through the observation of the physical movement.
Sleep Quality

Ensure baby's growth while they're asleep

You will comfortably know your baby sleep stages and always realize if your baby has a sound sleep or a light sleep. Study shows that creating qualified sleeping pattern resulting in significant enhancement of your baby's growth.
Find Me

As if a Guardian Angel always protected your baby

Your baby's safety is our first priority. You will receive notification when your baby is away from a safe distance (15 meters). Anxiety can now be eliminated with the tool functioning as a guardian protecting the baby ai all times.

Technical Information

Sensor Infrared
Measuring time 5 Seconds
Temperature range -20 -100°C
Precision Body Temperature +- 0.2°C
Blank Room Temperature +- 0.5°C
Battery 90mAh
Standby 30 Days
Charging period 2 Hours
Limited distance with smartphones 10 meters
Waterproof IP55
Material PC+PMMA
Size R38.5MM x 8.4MM