SMART Gift Guide 2016
SMART Gift Guide 2016
SMART Gift Guide 2016: Shop Apple Watch Nike+, Fitbit Charge 2 Devices And More

   With holiday season around the corner, SMART wearables make for a perfect holiday gift: fitness trackers for the serial marathon runner, headphones for music lover and smart watches for your kids ensuring their safety.


The POMO smart watch is the perfect wearable for your kids giving them freedom and independence whilst ensuring their safety. Parents

can set alerts for playtime, school work and bedtime. Its tracking feature allows the kids to send “SOS” alerts to parents. There is also a

feature to establish voice connection between the parents and the kids. Check https://ibebet.com/


The POMO smart watch is available on Kickstarter with reasonable prices ranging from $99 to $129 for a pack with multiple bands. Look at this. You

must hurry to place your order to ensure your child’s safety before they sell out. You will receive your shipment from March 2017.

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