• Waffle 4X


      The latest version of Kids Smartwatch with several smart functions and AI technology that will help your child to stay healthier, safer, more creative, as well as bring enjoyable and happy moments to the family.

    • POMO Waffle

      37% 70.00$119.00$ 119.00$

      The first fashionable GPS smartwatch that helps kids understand responsibility, express creativity and develop a healthy independence. POMO WAFFLE will become their little helper, always there to entertain, help grow, and keep the child safe.

    • POMO Toast

      47.6% 90.00$99.00$ 99.00$

      POMO Toast Super Watch. 4G kids smartwatch with GPS Tracker, it is designed with safety and connectivity in mind for 7-12 year old kids. It comes with many Super Functions to help you keep connected to your children and encourage them to express their responsibility and independence.

    • Waffle Rings


      Waffle Rings for customizing the POMO Waffle Smartwatch. You can choose colors and letters of the rings, the child may want to customize these rings to their name, their nickname or anything. This will help kids to boost their creativity and independence while providing a fun activity for them.

    • Waffle Cable Charger


      Broke or lost your cable charger? Order here.

    • Activ10+


      Activ10 + smartwatch for health lovers Activ10 + will make health matters closer to you. Comes with a fall detection system that will ensure you do not miss out on any emergency situation of your loved ones, blood pressure, body temperature. Functional 1. Location tracking 2. Body temperature 3. Heart…

    • Activ30+


      Smartwatch Activ30+, Watches for elderly health comes with the best functions for taking care of your parents in the New Normal era The system works precisely with smart sensors that can measure the pulse, pressure and body temperature of adults at home. It also includes exercise tracking. And detecting abnormalities…

    • POMO Bloom Bloom


      The volume-limiting headphones for kids age 3 years+. The headphones have built-in volume limiting circuitry that reduces sound to 85 dB to provide hearing protection of kids while watching movies or listening to music. It is the perfect fit when kids use by themselves and flexible enough to be shared…

    • Rilakkuma Band


      Let you kids have fun by adding Rilakkuma watch band to their watch for a unique and cute experience.

    • Waffle Band


      Let you kids have fun by adding DIY watch band to their watch using their favorite color to imprint their own sense of style.

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