POMO HOUSE goes into its second year with innovative watch
POMO HOUSE goes into its second year with innovative watch
POMO HOUSE goes into its second year with innovative watch

Pomo House International announces expansion into new markets with latest products.

Pomo House International, makers of wearable technology for families has successfully made a hit in SEA and is now expanding its brand to Europe, USA and other key territories. The products emphasise child safety and all product development is now determined by the “Family Love is All Around” concept as outlined by founder and Director Chatchai Tangchittrong.

in a recent statement he said

“I believe the most important thing enabling me to become successful is to do what I love. There are always obstacles and a chance of going bankrupt in every businesses. However, if we do the business we love, we will have strength to move on.

POMO Kids Watch is our first product that corresponds to our concept “Family Love is All Around”. Besides generating business, we have planned to raise social awareness regarding care and mutual happiness between parents and their kids.”

The products aim to support families and avert the stress of modern parenting by connecting family members who wear the watch while at the same time enabling young children to explore the urban world safely.

Following the success of the first two smart watches “Pomo Rainbow” and “Pomo Moji”, the company has continued to develop the latest series called “Pomo R2”. This exclusive movement-tracking smart watch is equipped with unique functions that parents and their offspring can enjoy together. Outstanding features of this model are the Triple-Mode Smart Locator (Wi-Fi/GPS/LBS), and a full-
colour splash-proof touch screen specially designed for small hands.

Later this year Pomo House is launching a new product called “POMO Bebe,” another high-tech gadget for parents with newborns. Aligned with the concept of “God Fairy”, this device is designed tohelp parents to keep track of their precious bundle’s development and activities. It comes with unique biometric features such as temperature scan mode, sleep quality, as well as movement tracking and
loss prevention.

“We realize how meaningful it is for parents to experience the moment when their baby opens its eyes to see the world. The first concern for baby is fever as it can affect the immune system. Therefore, this device can be a little gift performing as a guardian for your little angel”, says Mr Chatchai.

Pomo House is also currently working on another innovative product tailored for the modern family.
This lifestyle-enhancing product is expected to be released into the market by the end of this year.

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