Smart Tracker for Safety
& Well Being

The advanced smart tracker to keep
your loved ones maintain their

POMO Activ10+ if you are a health-conscious person, this watch is made for you as it is packed with breakthrough Biorhythms sensor technology, together with the wristband that can continuously track fluctuation of Blood Pressure, Medical Alert, Heart Rate, Skin Temperature, Sleep Quality and more – you can observe your primary health by yourself. Moreover, Medical Alert would assist you when urgent help is needed.


Pedometers presents the most convenient way to track your steps, exercise activities, and overall calories burned throughout the day. Knowing is the first step to get more active and healthier.​

Heart rate is a key indicator of health. You can fully rest when our smart sensor in Activ10+ is doing its work – informing that yours is above or below your threshold.​

Activ10+ have four location technologies that come standard with the service. So no matter where your loved one are, we can get them the help they want.

Sleep Tracking automatically tracks your sleep stages - light and deep. Activ10+ will track your sleep pattern and give you suggestions to maximize your sleep and improve the quality of your days.​

NB loT Technology helps you and your precious ones stay connected in more ways than ever with our NB IoT Technology, which keeps the watch working 24/7 for more than a week.​

Technical Information

NB IOT : B3/B8
GPRS(GSM) : 700/800/850/900/1800MHz
LORA : 470MHz-915MHz
ZETA : 470MHz-915MHz
Dimensions (mm) : 48* 52*x 14.5mm
Estimated Weight (g) : 20g
Side Keys : 2 (Power/SOS)
Removable strap : Yes
Screen size : 1.22” TFT
Resolution : 240*210 pxl
Audio : N/A
Number of speakers : N/A
Microphone : N/A
Card slot : Nano SIM
SIM Card Number : 1
Charging Port : Magnetic Pogo Pin
Capacity (mAh) : Min 450mAh
Battery type : Polymer
Battery life : Standby 1 month; normal use 5~7 days
Wi-Fi location : Yes
Bluetooth : Yes
Bluetooth supported version : BT 5.1
USB Charging : Pogo Pin(2 pin)
GPS : Yes
G sensor : 3 Axis
Heartrate/BP : Yes
Temperature : Yes
Wear Detection : Yes
IP level : IP 68
Standard accessories : User manual, Charge cable

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