How to use POMO Waffle like a Pro
How to use POMO Waffle like a Pro

Our POMO Waffle kids smartwatch is innovated to be used with kids in their daily life and there are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your product. So today POMO House has 5 easy tricks to use POMO Waffle like a Pro to prevent any defect and ineffectiveness of the smartwatch.  

  • Keep the watch firmware up to date

POMO Waffle is designed to support the new firmware update so its software can be always improved and giving better performance to the user. It also provides more benefits like fixing some issues, increasing efficiency and improve battery life.  

  • Set up “Position Timer”

If your POMO Waffle battery is going low a bit fast, you may try to set up “Position Timer” to 1 hour so you can save the battery.

  • Be careful with liquid

In general water and other various liquids are not friendly to all electrical devices. Even though our POMO Waffle is water resistance with IP65 certification, it still cannot resist the water from activities like swimming, diving, bathing, etc. 

  • Keep the strap clean

The strap of the watch can be dirty or get stains easily as the kids always wear the POMO Waffle smartwatch when they are outside. You may clean the strap every week to clean out the dust or stain from sweat to maintain hygiene and it will help the device last longer as well. 

  • Use with caring for long-term uses. 

Sometimes kids can be super playful and like to do extreme activities and sometimes they are not careful enough with the device and this can cause a defect. Therefore, parents may help their children to understand the importance of taking care of their device and to take it off when the activity can harm the watch.

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